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Samsung original charger v1

$ 5

Item Features:

Original 5V2A / 9V2A / 12V1.5A  Fast Charger.

2.100 cm / 120 cm / 150 cm Micro USB data cable.

Micro USB cable suitable for  all micro port mobile phones.

Note: Pls confirm your phone is type c port or micro usb prot !!

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Samsung original charger

Running out of phone battery is an all-too-common occurrence, especially when traveling. Working individuals sometimes forget to charge their phones in the middle of all their duties. A travel charger is a lifesaver in instances like these. The travel charger can be plug into a vehicle’s lighter outlet or accessory outlet, which will charge your phone. This accessory is a lifesaver for professionals who are often on the move. There are three categories of Original charger based on charging speed, fast chargers, quick chargers, and trickle chargers.

It is normally included with a new handset from the manufacturer. You can purchase it as a mobile accessory from any approved mobile phone accessories store or dealer.

Data Cables: These mobile accessories are used to transfer data from one phone to another or from one storage device to another.

Make a backup battery.

A backup battery is useful while traveling long distances because you may not be able to charge your phone in between. Carrying a phone battery is also not a difficult effort because the batteries are compact and pocket-friendly.


Because it is illegal in many places to chat on the phone while driving, the Bluetooth headset is a welcome addition. Many professionals who are frequently on the road and cannot miss work calls might use the Bluetooth headset to take their calls without any challan.


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