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10 Best makeup looks for brown eyes

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Best makeup looks for brown eyes

Brown eyes are very common, but it doesn’t make these any less gorgeous. These eyes are bright and stunning, even if they are caramel, cocoa, or light brown. You can always try a different approach to make your eyes shine and look stunning even more. After all, a Smokey eye or cat twist always attracts attention. Brown eyes are indeed attractive, but they also go well with a variety of makeup looks. This indicates that people with brown eyes have many unique and stylish makeup options to choose from. We have some best makeup tips and beauty tips for girls.  Discover the best makeup looks for brown eyes by reading on.

Best makeup looks for brown eyes

Hot and earthy colors look good as makeup colors for brown eyes. To improve brown eyes, one must first determine the pigments they contain. The idea of bringing out the green and gold sparks in brown eyes by brushing a warm brown eye shadow with dark red overtones down the lash line is one of the best-kept secrets among makeup artists. You should consider your skin tone and eye color as you learn how to apply makeup and choose the best colors for your eyes.

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Eyeshadow Colors to Make Brown Eyes Pop

Gold eyeshadow: Brown eyes looks more beautiful with gold eye blusher.  Brown eyes naturally sparkle, therefore gold eyeshadows in the hues of red, caramel, rose gold, and shimmering yellow accentuate the golden tones of brown eyes. For a laid-back romantic dinner or sensual evening appearance, use gold eyeshadow. To enhance your look, add a warmer glitter to the top edge of your eyelids.

Grey tones: As brown and grey make a nice contrast, using cool magnetic colors with your naturally warm brown eyes will make them glow. Use a dark grey eyeshadow and mix it with light browns for a classic eye makeup look.

Matte brown and Purple: Best makeup shades for brown eyes

Although it goes against logic, matte brown makeup brings out the best in brown eyes. Select brown hues that match the tone of your eyes to create a stunning look. 

Purple hues: Purple eyeshadow is a versatile choice for eye makeup because it is available in a variety of shades, from delicate violet to bold indigo.   Use milder purple hues for daytime outfits and bolder hues for the night. By blending purple and black makeup on the outer edges of the eyelids, anyone can achieve a Smokey eye effect using purple eyeshadow.

Natural Eye Makeup

Bold, striking styles are fantastic for formal occasions, but you need something a touch more understated for ordinary days. Making beautiful, natural-looking eye makeup is a fantastic choice. Although it won’t be as noticeable as more intense makeup, it will delicately highlight your eyes and give you a lovely appearance. The best eyeshadow for achieving natural looks is neutral.

How to make your brown eyes look brighter?

Here are some amazing tricks to help your eyes look more attractive and appealing. There are a lot of makeup hacks you can go with but these tricks will help to make your eyes look instantly brighter.

  • Using White Eyeliner is one of the simplest approaches to making eyes appear brighter.
  • Choose concealer
  • Shape the eyebrows
  • Brighten the eyeliner
  • Volumize your eyelashes.


We have only offered some basic advice for women with brown eyes. One can decide whether what looks good on you and what doesn’t as you experiment with different hues and combinations. If you really like a particular makeup appearance and you think it suits you, go for it. Additionally, keep in mind that the makeup look will change from day to night. To make your eyes truly gleam, don’t forget to take good care of your skin. Learn Kim Kardashian skincare tips for glowing skin.

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