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Summer wedding makeup tips for long lasting effect

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Summer wedding makeup

As the summer wedding time is here. A big threat for brides and bridesmaids is maintaining the makeup look. In this post, we have some fantastic summer wedding makeup tips for all girls who are about to get married this season. Despite how severe that summertime could be, caring about beauty is normal. You don’t want to look very doughy or spoil the makeup look because of the heat. of course, nobody wants!  So let’s get straight to the point.

Tips for Summer Wedding Makeup

Ensure the hydration

The most crucial thing you need to remember is to consistently consume plenty of water to maintain both the body and skin fresh. Skin that is dehydrated cannot be covered up with cosmetics. Furthermore, because it’s summertime, the body needs more hydration. Maintaining your hydration will therefore naturally demand you to use fewer cosmetics. With the rising temperature, nobody wants to wear a huge amount of cosmetics. So in short hydration is a must.

Avoid sparkly items for a perfect summer wedding makeup look

We all adore the primers and blushers, but the heat never will. Beauty products without gloss will prevent your skin from seeming oily. The sunshine might make your skin appear greasy. If your skin is naturally shiny and beautiful you can simply avoid using makeup foundations.  Additionally, treat yourself to a pinpoint if there are small scars and blisters spots on the skin. 

Using sunscreen in accordance with your skin type

As a general rule, you should always wear sunscreen regularly. Sunscreen is crucial for protecting the skin against hazardous Ultraviolet rays and skin aging, regardless of the season. If you’re arranging an outdoor party as part of the wedding festivities, it will also block sunburn.

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Summer Wedding Makeup Tips to Prevent Makeup Disaster

To ensure that your wedding makeup look lasts all day, follow these four simple steps: clean the skin, use a primer, select a high-quality base, and complete with a setting mist.

Avoid leaving too early

The most effective approach in extremely warm conditions is to stay indoors until the very last moment. This is crucial for the hairstyle especially. There is no hairstyling product that will handle the heat, yet water resistant cosmetics actually work. 

The freezing water

Clean your face using ice-cold water. This will help pores tighten firmly as a reaction, that will stop pores from producing skin oil during the event.


A final makeup touch is key! Even if you abide by the aforementioned tips, there are a number of items you must carry on hand to safeguard the makeup and keep it looking perfect. Here are three additional summer wedding makeup tips for lasting effect.

  • Always have a shade with you to block out the sunlight.
  • Be sure to consume a lot of water.
  • If the marriage will take place outside, don’t forget to buy an emergency makeup kit. In the event of any undesirable circumstance, it is the most crucial.

We hope these beauty tips help you get the perfect look for your wedding. If you have any questions or want to know about some other makeup hacks feel free to pitch us a mail or comment below.